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Trail Tenders, Inc. formed in 1989 in partnership with the founding of the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. We depend on people like you to support our efforts to enhance our educational and recreational programs, through memberships, donations and volunteering at the Center. Trail Tenders, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, governed by a Board of Directors, who are elected by the general membership.

The mission of Trail Tenders is to enhance the quality of the educational and recreational programs for the public benefit within the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center complex, and to further the Center's goals throughout Baker County.

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Trail Tenders

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

22267 Oregon Highway 86

P.O. Box 987

Baker City, OR 97814

Tel: 541-523-1827
Fax: 541-523-1834

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