Dutch Oven Cook-Off

If you enjoy cooking in the outdoors and would like to share your skills, join us for a fun team competition celebrating traditional open air cooking and locally harvested ingredients.

Here's how the competition works: 

  1.  Teams will be assigned an open fire cookspace at the Trail Center outdoor wagon encampment. Teams will not know what ingredients they have to work with until the Master of Ceremonies reveals this information.

  2.    Using their wits, ingenuity, and cooking skills, the teams must use the ingredients and the Dutch ovens provided to produce a delicious menu item within the next two hours. Judges with cooking expertise will be watching!

  3. When the signal is given, teams must complete and plate their meals for tasting by the judges. Samples will then be available for the audience to taste, and vote for the People's Choice. 

  4.  Judges will proclaim one team the Cast Iron Chef Champion of 2017, an honor that comes with prizes, and a full year's worth of bragging rights. Additional prizes will be awarded for 2nd place in each category.


Space is limited to nine teams; pre-registration is required.  

To register by phone, please call 541-523-1852. 

Next Episode: Saturday, October 7, 2017

How will my fire get started?  Charcoal briquettes & lighter fluid will be provided. Contestants are responsible for starting their own fires at the beginning of the competition. Large fire rings will be shared by two teams.


How many people per team?  Teams can be up to three people; themed attire is optional. Only team members are allowed within the cook-off area, but benches will be provided for the audience.

Can I bring my own equipment? To ensure a fair competition, contestants are required to use what is provided.

Does it have to be a pioneer or historic recipe?  No. You can use ideas from whatever time, place, or culture you wish.

Will we have to help with clean-up after the event? Nope, you get to leave that to us!