The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center features 12,000 square feet of galleries that transport visitors along the 2,000-mile journey of the Oregon Trail, with life-size trail dioramas, replica wagons, and authentic artifacts.

The permanent exhibit galleries takes visitors through the experiences of preparing for the journey, life on the trail, interaction between emigrants and natives, dangers and challenges, settlement and homesteading in Oregon.

The exhibits are self-guided and include interactive displays and several short interpretive videos. Plan a minimum of one hour to thoroughly tour the main exhibits, and an additional 20-30 minutes for any special exhibits that may be on display during your visit.

Flagstaff Gallery

Special exhibits are presented in the Flagstaff Gallery to explore a variety of themes related to the Oregon Trail, westward migration, and settlement.

Wagons Ho! Experience the Oregon Trail

January 24 - June 14. 2020

The popular hands-on exhibit returns! Test your pioneering skills by packing a full-scale replica wagon and see what you look like in a pioneer’s clothes. Spin the Wagon Wheel of Fortune and test your luck as you travel along the Oregon Trail. Compose some Pioneer Poetry or find out what wildlife you might have seen along the way. An interactive experience for visitors of all ages.

Tech on the Trek: Technology and Western Migration

June 28 - October 12, 2020

Learn more about the 1850's cutting edge technologies that early pioneers used to traverse the Oregon Trail.

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